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Year of the Pigalles

3 Jan


I’ve made a decision to wear my loubies more often this year at least once a week!

The styles I love the most are Pigalles and Bianca..

Pigalles come in a range of heights going back a few years it was released in a 70mm recently 85 most popular is 100 n the sexiest is 120.

I have the 100 in silver mini glitter and black kid.. I parted ways with the patent 2 years ago as it was way way too small.

Over the last two weeks I’ve been thinking about them more and more but in 85 so I can wear them more often.. Alas they were always out of stock.. 2 days ago they popped up n I ummmed about it all day then the minute I decided to add to basket poof it was gone again..

Until I woke up bright and early this morning the website said it was being restocked and will be coming soon. I refreshed the screen and amazingly they had it in my size!!

You didn’t have to tell me twice it was added to the basket super fast and hopefully they will be here soon!!!


New Year

1 Jan

New Year brings with it lots of happiness and stylus outfits and Louboutins!

I’m currently deciding between these two!